About Us
Peter Schmalzle
Peter is the founder and co-owner of SmallSystems. His dogged determination and refusal to be deterred means he never leaves our clients without some solution to a problem they may be facing. He is a fierce advocate, always looking out for the best interest of those we work with.
In addition, Peter is an animal lover, plant fanatic, and all around nature enthusiast.
Stephen Spiers
Steve began working with Peter in 2001 and then became a co-owner of SmallSystems in 2008. He earned his initial IT chops working for Eastman Kodak in San Francisco. Moving to San Diego he worked in management with the Convention Center, The Old Globe and the San Diego Opera.
The heart and soul of SmallSystems, Abbey keeps us all in check. She will be sure to greet you when you come by. Abbey loves chasing lizards and taking naps.